Mechanical properties, elastic constants, lattice vibrations of Gallium Indium Phosphide (GaInP)

GaInP - Gallium Indium Phosphide

Mechanical properties, elastic constants, lattice vibrations

Basic Parameter
Elastic constants
Acoustic Wave Speeds
Phonon frequencies

Basic Parameter

Bulk modulus (7.1+1.7x)·1011 dyn/cm2
Density 4.81-0.67x g/cm3
Hardness ~5 on the Mohs scale
Surface microhardness (using Knoop's pyramid test) x=0 460 kg/mm2
  x=1 850 kg/mm2
Piezoelectric constant e14= -(0.035+0.065x) C m-2

Elastic constants

C11 = (10.11 + 3.94x)·1011 dyn/cm2
C12 = (5.61 + 0.59)·1011 dyn/cm2
C44 = (4.56 + 2.47)·1011 dyn/cm2
Bulk modulus (compressibility-1) Bs = (7.11+1.71x)·1011 dyn/cm2
Shear modulus C' = (2.25+1.67x)·1011 dyn/cm2
[100] Young's modulus Yo= (6.11+4.19x)·1011 dyn/cm2
[100] Poisson ratio σo = 0.36-0.05x

Acoustic Wave Speeds

Wave propagation Direction Wave character Expression for wave speed Wave speed (in units of 105 cm/s)
[100] VL (C11/ρ)1/2 4.58+1.25x
VT (C44/ρ)1/2 3.08+1.04x
[100] Vl [(C11+Cl2+2C44)/2ρ]1/2 5.08+1.35x
Vt|| Vt||=VT=(C44/ρ)1/2 3.08+1.04x
Vt⊥ [(C11-C12)/2ρ]1/2 2.16+0.92x
[111] Vl' [(C11+2C12+4C44)/3ρ]1/2 5.23+1.40x
Vt' [(C11-C12+C44)/3ρ]1/2 2.51+0.95x

Compositional dependences of longitudinal (dashed lines) and transverse (solid lines) phonon frequencies
(Jahne and Ulrici [1980]).

Phonon frequencies

ωLO(GaP - like) 404.99-38.97x-18.18x2 cm-1
ωLO(InP - like) 394.59-80.36x+30.26x2 cm-1
ωTO(M) 368-88.95x+26.04x2 cm-1
ωTO(m) 3.95.02-54.26x+6.72x2 cm-1
(Lee et al. [1994])