Basic Parameters of Silicon (Si)

Si - Silicon

Basic Parameters at 300 K

Crystal structure Diamond
Group of symmetry Oh7-Fd3m
Number of atoms in 1 cm3 5·1022
Auger recombination coefficient Cn 1.1·10-30 cm6 s-1
Auger recombination coefficient Cp 3·10-31cm6 s-1
Debye temperature 640 K
Density 2.329 g cm-3
Dielectric constant 11.7
Effective electron masses ml 0.98mo
Effective electron masses mt 0.19mo
Effective hole masses mh 0.49mo
Effective hole masses mlp 0.16mo
Electron affinity 4.05 eV
Lattice constant 5.431 A
Optical phonon energy 0.063 eV