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GaN - Gallium Nitride

Thermal properties

Basic parameters

Zinc Blende (cubic) and Wurtzite(hexagonal) crystal structure
    Remarks Referens
Bulk modulus 20.4 x 1011 dyn cm-2   Bougrov et al. (2001)
Debye temperature 600 K    
Melting point, Tm 2500° C also see:
Equilibrium N2 pressure over GaN.
Porowski (1997)
Specific heat 0.49 J g-1°C -1   Bougrov et al. (2001)
Thermal conductivity 1.3 W cm-1 °C -1
also see Fig: Thermal conductivity. Sichel & Pankove (1977) ;
Chow & Ghezzo (1996)
Thermal diffusivity
0.43 cm2 s-1   Bougrov et al. (2001)
Thermal expansion coefficient, linear αort= αc = 3.17x10-6 K-1 (Wurtzite structure) Qian et al. (1996)
α||= αa =5.59x10-6 K-1

Thermal conductivity

GaN, Wurtzite sructure. Thermal conductivity along the c-axis vs. temperature
Sichel & Pankove (1977).
GaN,Wurtzite sructure. The calculated (solid line) and measured (open circles) specific heat vs. temperature.
Nipko et al. (1998).
Experimental points are taken from Barin et al. (1977).

The specific heat Cp of wurtzite GaN at constant pressure for 298 K < T < 1773 K [Barin et al. (1977)]:
Cp = 38.1 + 8.96 x 10-3 T      (J mol-1 K)

Lattice properties

Lattice parameters

GaN, Wurtzite sructure. Lattice parameters a and c vs. temperature for a single crystal layer.
Maruska & Tietjen (1969).
GaN,Wurtzite sructure. The lattice constants a vs. temperature.
Leszczynski et al. (1994)
GaN,Wurtzite sructure. The lattice constants c vs. temperature.
Leszczynski et al. (1994)

Linear thermal expansion coefficient

GaN, Wurtzite sructure. Coefficient of linear thermal expansion vs. temperature.
curve 1 - α ;
curve 2 - α|| .
Sheleg & Savastenko (1976).

GaN. The temperature dependences of the parallel lattice mismatch between GaN layer and sapphire substrate .
Leszczynski et al. (1994)
GaN. Equilibrium N2 pressure over GaN.
Dashed lines indicate the maximum pressure and temperarure available in the experimental system.
Porowski (1997)