NSM Archive - Basic Parameters of Gallium Indium Antimonide (GaInSb)

GaInSb - Gallium Indium Antimonide

Basic Parameters at 300 K

Crystal structure Zinc Blende
Group of symmetry Td2-F43m
Number of atoms in 1 cm3 (2.94+0.59x)·1022
Density 5.77-0.16x g·cm-3
Dielectric constant (static) 16.8-1.1x
Dielectric constant (high frequency) 15.7-1.3x
Effective electron mass me 0.015+0.01x+0.025x2 mo
Effective hole masses mh 0.43-0.03x mo
Effective hole masses mlp 0.015+0.01x+0.025x2 mo
Electron affinity 4.59-0.53x eV
Lattice constant 6.479-0.383x A