NSM Archive - Physical properties of Gallium Indium Arsenide (GaInAs)

GaInAs - Gallium Indium Arsenide

Basic Parameters at 300 K
Band structure and carrier concentration
Basic Parameters
Band Structure
Intrinsic carrier concentration
Effective Density of States in the Conduction and Valence Band
Temperature Dependences
Dependence on Hydrostatic Pressure
Band Discontinuities at Heterointerfaces
Energy gap narrowing at high doping levels
Effective Masses and Density of States
Donors and Acceptors
Electrical Properties
Basic Parameters of Electrical Properties
Mobility and Hall Effect
Two-Dimensional Electron and Hole Gas Mobility in Heterostructures
Transport Properties in High Electric Fields
Impact Ionization
Recombination Parameters
Optical properties
Thermal properties
Basic parameters
Thermal conductivity
Lattice properties
Mechanical properties
Basic Parameters
Elastic Constants
Micro Hardness
Acoustic Wave Speeds
Phonon Frequencies
Magnetic properties